The Ways of the Sacred Warrior

SWMeditationPersonFueled by a longing for liberation from suffering, and desire for tranquility, we apply daily steady effort in the ‘Ways of the Sacred Warrior’.

A Sacred Warrior lives with joy and devotion and sustains balance in the Self and in all our relations.

With a steadfast awareness of love and faith we embody the freedom to truly serve others from the awakened heart.

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What will you receive from ‘The Ways of the Sacred Warrior’ curriculum?

Every day we see people retreating back into habitual patterns, shutting down, and experiencing chronic fear and anxiety. Like our world, many of us are not at peace, nor in balance.

We are overwhelmed, exhausted and burnt out. We experience loneliness even when we are with other people. We have great ideas, but don’t have time or energy to bring them into fruition. We have awareness of what we want, but it feels too risky to say it.

Although many people turn to spiritual practices for peace and purpose, they don’t receive adequate education and preparation to change themselves first and then their life situation.

SWSeriousnessLonelinessTwo specific symptoms of the suffering of the western mind are seriousness and loneliness. Our plight and our challenges are unique to our culture. Different tools are required to bring us to balance and peace.

Our coursework is called ‘The Ways of the Sacred Warrior.’ We honor that each person has their own ways and life story. After 50 years of our combined practices in many different disciplines and traditions, we have created an educational curriculum which will guide each student in a way that is just right for them. We are here to help you discover your way, your practices, and your observances that will become a seamless part of your daily life.

‘The Ways of the Sacred Warrior’ weaves together:

  • gentle yoga that everyone can do
  • effective meditations
  • mindful living
  • inquiry
  • intentions and symbolic tracking

Before we are able to make a change in this world. We need to learn how to live in a joyful and vital body, with an alert and reflective mind, and a peaceful, compassionate heart.

From this calm and centered place, wisdom and intuition arise spontaneously from the center of Being for ourselves and others. This leads to sustainable experiences of Lightness of Being.

Who would you be if you brought that into YOUR day?

In the present moment, we have the ability to choose, and to understand the choices we have made. Healing of ourselves, our family, and our society begins with us. This is your ‘Way of the Sacred Warrior.’

How does the ‘Ways of the Sacred Warrior’ work for you?

We offer online and local courses from our campus – Yoga Farm in Lansing, New York. The Directors of Yoga Farm and HeartPath Institute are working together to deliver this comprehensive living curriculum to guide students on the path of liberation and peace.

Everyone can do these courses!

Our Sacred Warrior Curriculum is readily adaptable for work groups, organizations, team development, and business retreats. Please contact us for an initial meeting to explore.

For example:

  • Non-profit retreats
  • College sports teams
  • Business startups

Here is a testimonial from a student:

“I am a three time HeartPath student who keeps coming back because of the life-shaking realizations and breakthroughs I’ve had in these classes. 

As a trained therapist and someone who has been through therapy, I thought I’d seen and done it all. You dig in the emotional dirt to get at the roots of problems, acknowledge the feelings, gain perspective and let the past go. 

This comes at this task from a different, spiritual perspective. It sneaks in the backdoor and uses keys, like guided meditation to uncover things you can’t think about directly. 

You start to notice the symbols and coincidences that appear in the world around you. The classes help you recognize and connect to your own inner wisdom. 

We explore and reflect, while being safely “held” by the group. For me, the mental chatter has died down and I feel more peaceful and guided than I ever have before. There is clarity and calm where there once was noise. 

If you are seeking peace, increased self-awareness and the confidence to live a fuller life, this may be perfect for you.” ~ Cathy N, Ithaca, NY

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What are the ‘Ways of the Sacred Warrior’ and what do they grant you?

Our Living Curriculum centers around 8 ‘Ways’ or practices, techniques, and tools. Each course incorporates several of these, so students gain skill in utilizing these Ways in their daily life, in the classroom and in their world: relationships, work, health, wellness, & purpose.

Each of the ‘Ways’ brings you keys for living mindfully and joyfully:


  • An enthusiastic, vital body
  • Relaxation and stress relief
  • Strength and Balance
  • Prepares you for meditation and inquiry


  • Freedom from the tyranny of constant thinking
  • Discover how to respond versus react
  • Live moment by moment with a calm and peaceful mind
  • Experience the treasure of Silence and inner contentment


  • Centering in stillness
  • Anchors mind to heart
  • Connects to purpose


  • The art of living with intention
  • Understand what’s really happening your life
  • Freedom from illusions


  • Listen to your own wisdom
  • Freedom from fear
  • Know thyself


  • Opens your life to kindness
  • Steep in compassion
  • Radiate love


  • Re-Mind you what you really are
  • Antidote to complaining mind
  • To thine own self be true
  • Affirmations & Prayer
  • Contemplations


  • Merge in the Divine
  • Carry bliss with you
  • Live in Grace
  • Centers you and generates abundant happiness
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Is this for you?

Do you intensely desire freedom from suffering?

Do you want to find the way to enduring peace, happiness, joy and contentment?

Do you sincerely wish to help the world, starting with you?

Are you dedicated to bringing the path to liberation from suffering to others?

Then you are ready to ‘be the one we have been waiting for’!

We sincerely desire to support and teach you the tools to be your very best in the world, and in all your relationships.

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Course schedule & descriptions for the ‘Ways of the Sacred Warrior’

soswlogosquareOur coursework is called ‘The Ways of the Sacred Warrior.’ We honor that you have your own ways and life story. After 50 years of combined practices in many different disciplines and traditions, we have created an educational curriculum which will guide you in the ways that suits you. We are here to help you discover your ways, your practices, and your observances that will become a seamless part of your daily life.

14139414_10154411440995782_81840184_oOn this page, you’ll find course descriptions, schedules, and links to register for our Sacred Warrior courses.

Before we are able to make a change in this world. We need to learn how to live in a joyful and vital body, with an alert and reflective mind, and a peaceful, compassionate heart.

Our courses show you how.

chakra1Come Home to Your Body: Ground

Our gentle yoga course is perfect for those new or returning to yoga. Come Home to Your Body integrates gentle yoga with intentions and contemplations. Transform your experience of your body while preparing yourself to live an intentional life – on the mat, in your work, and in all your relations.

comehometoyourbodyground2‘Come Home to Your Body’ is four different 7-week courses, one of which runs each quarter of our school year. Each ‘Come Home to Your Body’ course teaches an accessible and effective yoga flow that you can learn to do on your own.

When: (Choose one section – each runs for 7 consecutive weeks. If miss a class you can make up that week’s lesson in a different section in the same week.)

  1. Sundays 11:30am-1pm (Starts January 22)
  2. Mondays 4:15-5:45pm (Starts January 23)

Where: Yoga Farm, Lansing, NY.
Tuition: $195

chakra2Heart of the Sacred Warrior: Living Your Shining Intention!

heartofthesacredwarriorSynchronicities and magical moments happen in everyone’s life. This course helps you discover how these events are guiding you deeper into the messages from your own Heart. Unlock and access all the inherent potential in You and in every present moment.

When: Seven Mondays 7-9pm starting January 23

Where: Yoga Farm, Lansing, NY.
Tuition: $195


Sacred Warrior Meditation 2: The Wisdom of The Sacred Warrior

wisdomofthesacredwarriorThe Wisdom of the Sacred Warrior will be the first 7 week advanced meditation and contemplation course taught by Ravindra Walsh, Meditation & Wisdom Teacher and Director of HeartPath Institute. The Course will introduce students to one of the key foundational texts of The HeartPath.

Each day we are challenged by so many things and experiences that pull us here, there and everywhere. Serious students of meditation long to hold our focus, our steady mind and open heart off the cushion in all of our life experiences. But how to do it? Cultivate Wisdom!

When: Seven Mondays at 5:30-6:45pm, starts January 23
Where: Yoga Farm, Lansing, NY.
Tuition: $195

HeartPath Institute Reiki Level One Certification: The Mystic’s Journey

0df470c1-5ccf-4afe-acf2-a9381545f8efchakra5In this certification class, get ready to take your healing work to a whole new level. HeartPath Reiki is a highly intuitive and visionary modality. This restorative and relaxing hands-on practice offers you the skills to share compassion and healing with others.

When: 4 Sundays: February 26, March 5, 12, 26 2017 from 3-6pm at Yoga Farm.
Where: Yoga Farm, Lansing, NY.
Tuition: $175 each for 2 friends joining together, $195 individual

Mindful Warrior Yoga Immersion and Teacher Training

Our 200 hour Immersion and Yoga Teacher Training will start again in fall, 2017. This is a new, contemporary training program, that embeds yoga teacher training into a broader context for life, health, and service.

Yoga Farm has created a practical, accessible Yoga Teacher Training and Immersion. This training is not designed specifically for an ‘advanced’ yoga student, rather it is ‘for regular people, by regular people‘. We have found a tremendous market in teaching yoga that anyone can do and are eager to share. If you have felt the touch of yoga and are ready to dive deeply into the practices, this is for you.

This training encompasses two simultaneous journeys:

  • Your inner, personal journey – you merge with your yoga, becoming grounded and centered and present
  • Your outer journey – you learn to teach, allowing your gifts to be shared with the world

chakra7HeartPath Institute Spiritual Director Training

As a HeartPath Spiritual Director, you will learn to skillfully guide others into the wisdom they already possess. You will help others gain clarity and learn to be the very best they can be.  We train people in an intensive course to become HeartPath Spiritual Directors.

13151956_539367376271909_3809768937108024288_nAs Spiritual Directors, we enter into a dialogue with a client with the intention of allowing them to reveal the story of their life, to discover their own inner wisdom, alive in that moment.

This certificate program is by application only.

Read more and begin the process

chakra7HeartPath Institute Spiritual Coach Training

Is it your dream to coach others to be the very best they can be? Our courses and certification process will prepare you to be the very best coach you can be – for you, and for others.

As a HeartPath Spiritual Coach, you will guide clients to their own inner Wisdom. The Wisdom within each of us always moves us toward balance, healing, peace, courage, and love.

HeartPath Spiritual Life Coach Training is a program focused on helping you learn the tools so that your clients realize and live their highest potential.

This certificate program is by application only.

Read more and begin the process

Our Living Curriculum will teach you how to cultivate a joyful and vital body, an alert and reflective mind, and a peaceful, compassionate heart. This grants you sustained Lightness of Being.

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How can I find out more?


The ‘Ways of the Sacred Warrior’ is a collaboration between Yoga Farm and HeartPath Institute. Courses designed and led by the founders of both:

We would be delighted to talk with you about our courses! We are passionate about supporting people on their path to peace and freedom.

Call Christopher: 607.280.2010
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